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FRS Software the Key to Company's Growth and Extreme Success

Chad Weber of Affirm Background Screening discusses how the FRS platform has been a key component to the growth and extreme success of his business. He discusses how FRS's intuitive design helps make his background screening workflow seamless and how the FRS Team translates his client requirements into workable solutions which keeps his clients happy. Chad also discusses that a key to his company's success has been the integrations that FRS has quickly and efficiently delivered for his company when needed and he describes how the FRS Team who supports his business are like "family" and that calling FRS for customer service is like calling a friend.
FRS Technology Helps Business Grow
FRS Supports Growth and Satisfies CRA's Clients
FRS Delivers Informative, Detailed Reports Quickly
FRS is Key Component to CRA's Success
Client Satisfied with FRS Software Team and Products
FRS Web-Based Platform vs. Browser-Based
FRS Screening Software takes Small Business to Serious CRA Competitor
FRS - The Fastest Solution for Background Screening